December 4, 2008

8.30-9.00: Registration

9.00-9.30: Opening talk by ANDREW McGETTRICK (chair: A:Cortesi)
Accreditation of Informatics Programmes - EuroInf Project

9.30-10.30:Invited talk by BERTRAND MEYER (chair: A.McGettrick)
The 26 concepts of computer science

10.30-11.00: Coffee Break

11.00-12.30: Session I - Accreditation and Mobility (chair: R.Petreschi)

  • Gabriel Michel. Why mobility is important for European students in computer science:  review of 18 years of a Franco-German university training in with a double degree
  • Thomas Ottmann and Christoph Hermann. Accreditation practice for degree programs in Computer Science: Experience gained at a classical research university in Germany
  • Laszlo Aszalos. Comparison of the Hungarian and Euro-Inf accreditation systems

12.30-13.00: INTEL Talk by MARK HARRIS (chair: F.Luccio)
The challenge of innovation driven curricula change - Insight into some major trends in IT and its impact on Informatics curricula

13.00-14.00: Buffet

14.00-15.00: Invited talk by RUSTAN LEINO (chair: R.Boyle)
How tool-based verification can be incorporated in teaching

15.00-16.30: Session II - Teaching and Teachers (chair: T.Ottmann)

  • Maura Cerioli and Pierpaolo Cinelli. GRASP: Grading and Rating ASsistant Professor
  • Karl Josef Fuchs. Teacher Studies in Austria = Bridging the Gap Between Mathematics and ...
  • Ana Almeida, Anabela Gomes, Joana Henriques, Ana Maria Almeida and Antonio Jose' Mendes. A study on basic mathematics knowledge for the enhancement of programming learning skills

16.30-17.00: Coffee Break

17.00-18.30: Session III - Evolution of Learning (chair: T.Cowling)

20.00-23.00: Social Dinner
Ristorante La Terrazza Calle Goldoni, San Marco 4488 (directions)

December 5, 2008

9.30-10.30: Invited talk by JAN VAN LEEUWEN (chair: G.Michel)
Ten Ways to Attract More Students to Informatics

10.30-11.00: Coffee Break

11.00-12.30: Session IV - Promotional Issues (chair: C.Braghin)

12.30-13.00: IBM Talk by Paolo Rocchi (chair: M.Cerioli)
Lectures on CS Taught to Introduce Students with Different Background

13.00-14.00: Buffet

14.00-15.00: Invited talk by CARLO GHEZZI (chair: P.Sanpietro)
Open-world software: opportunities and challenges

15.00-16.30: Session V - Software Engineering (chair: P.Kefalas)

  • Tony Cowling. Software Development as the Core of Informatics
  • Ani Nahapetian. Bridging Classroom Heterogeneity: A Software Engineering Course and Projects
  • Andreas M. Heinecke, Friedrich Strauss, Astrid Beck, Markus Dahm, Kai-Christoph Hamborg and Rainer Heers. What Every Software Developer Should Know about Human-Computer Interaction - A Curriculum for a Basic Module on HCI in Informatics Education

16.30-17.00: Coffee Break

17.00-18.30: Session VI - Technical Skills (chair: D.Solesa)

  • Tamar Vilner, Ela Zur and Judith Gal-Ezer. Recursive Thinking in CS1
  • Tobias Lauer. When does algorithm visualization improve learning? - Reviewing and refining an evaluation framework
  • Ilias Sakellariou, Petros Kefalas and Ioanna Stamatopoulou. Teaching Intelligent Agents using NetLogo

18.30: End of the Conference