Workshop on Algorithm Engineering

Venice, Italy

September 11-13, 1997

The Workshop on Algorithm Engineering was held in Venice (Italy) on September 11-13, 1997. The workshop was devoted to researchers and developers interested in practical aspects of algorithms and their implementation issues. In particular, it brought together researchers, practitioners and developers in the field of algorithm engineering to foster cooperation and exchange of ideas. Relevant themes of the workshop were the design, experimental testing and tuning of sequential, parallel and distributed algorithms to the point where they are readily available for practical deployment. The Workshop was partly sponsored by ALCOM-IT , a European Union ESPRIT LTR Project, and the support of CNR (Italian National Research Council) and the Dipartimento di Matematica Applicata ed Informatica, University ``Ca' Foscari'' of Venice, is also gratefully acknowledged.

The Program Committee has met electronically and selected 22 papers that were presented at the Workshop: the Final Program contained invited speakers both from academia and from industry. There were no hard-copy proceedings: the on-line proceedings are available through this WEB page. A special issue of the ACM Journal on Experimental Algorithmics is devoted to selected papers from the Workshop. There were more than 50 participants to this new and exciting Workshop. In the business meeting, it was decided to continue it, alternating the conference site between Europe and the US: WAE 98 will be held in Saarbruecken, and WAE 99 in New Mexico.

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