Manuzio is a both an object-oriented model and language for the representation and use of textual digital libraries. The model is based on the use of object-oriented concepts to represent textual, annotated data, in order to provide:

  • scalability (unlimited levels of structures and annotations)
  • multiple hierarchies of text structures (textual objects can be included in several other textual objects)
  • complex annotations (on non-contiguous text)
  • high-level query language (for querying and modifying, both text and annotations)
  • structured queries (i.e. queries that take into account the structure of the data)
  • concurrent query and modification of the text base (through a multi-user management system)

The Manuzio project was born at the Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia. It is the subject of the PhD. Thesis of Marek Maurizio, under my supervision, together with other undergraduate and graduate thesis.

The list of publications of the project is available at this page.