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[Excerpt from the page A History of the Galileo Language]

The first implementation of Galileo  was made by me, Eugenia Occhiuto, Fosca Giannotti, and Dino Pedreschi starting from the Unix ML Interpreter written in C by Luca Cardelli at the Edinburgh University. The implementation was a main memory one, and it was used for object database language education and  for testing new database language features in the context of a statically typed language. The language implemented was a subset of the current version.

A new main-memory implementation of Galileo for personal computer was made by the students  Milena Diotallevi and Gianluca Baratti, using the language Pascal on personal computers. The new implementation was initially simpler than the first one, but then it was extended by another student, Giuseppe Antognoni, with  roles, views and polymorphism. The language has been used extensively in teaching university courses on databases.

The current distributed Galileo 97 implementation is maintained by me. More details and the executables are available at the Galileo section of this site.