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Tesi triennali

  • Rassegna sui principali analizzatori di log di Apache. Il progetto prevede di passare in rassegna i principali analizzatori di log di Apache al fine di estrarre informazioni riguardanti il comportamento degli utenti in un portale. Particolare attenzione deve essere rivolta agli analizzatori che consentono di estrarre informazioni utili ai fini della valutazione delle performance del portale.
  • Perfezionamento di un simulaore di reti di Petri

Msc thesis, Tesi magistrali

  • Energy saving and network performance: a trade-off approach. Low energy consumption is not only an important environmental requirement, but also a practical need of mobile devices such as smartphones. In many cases, low energy consumption requires also a reduction of the systems' performance. The thesis addresses this problem in a practical scenario and aims at using formal languages in order to find a trade off between low energy consumption and high performances.
  • Modelling mobility with PEPA terms. Mobility is a main characteristic of many wireless systems. In the literature, several ideas have been introduced to formally model this aspect of computer systems. This thesis aims at defining an efficient approximate/exact analysis algorithm supported by an opportune Markovian process algebra in the style of the Performance Evaluation Process Algebra (PEPA).
  • A PEPA syntax for block-regular structured solutions of Markov processes. The anlysis of reliability and performances of real computer systems via stochastic modelling may be a hard task since the number of states that must be considered usually grows exponentially with the number of system's components. However, when the structure of the state-space has a regular structure, some very efficient solution techniques have been defined. This thesis aims at defining a Markovian process algebra capable of defining components with underlying block-regular structure of the infinitesimal generator matrix.
  • Performance evaluation of communication protocols (e.g. PCI-EXPRESS, Shared medium, ...). The work consists of two stages. In the first a formal model of a communication protocol must be given. The second aims at deriving the performance indices using analytic of simulation methods.
  • Detection and resistance to DoS attacks via quantitative modelling. Denial of Service attacks aim at making a resource unavaiable to its intended users. Distributed DoS may very hard to dect automatically and tackle. This thesis wants do define a formal framework to study the resistance of systems to (D)DoS attacks, and possibly to detect them.