Filippo Bergamasco
Assistant Professor [Fixed-Term Researcher – Italian Law n. 240/10 RTDA]
Member of the KIIS research center
Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics (DAIS)
Universtà Ca' Foscari of Venice
Via Torino, 155
Venezia Mestre 30172 - ITALY
Phone: +39 041 234 8418
Mail: filippo.bergamasco AT
Sea-waves reconstruction from moving platforms
Dec 2016 - Postdoc seminar
A new Interpolation approach for Sea Temperature and Salinity Enforcing Hydrostatic Equilibrium
Oct 2015 - Postdoc seminar
High-Accuracy Camera Calibration and Scene Acquisition
Feb 2015 - PhD defence
RUNE-Tag: a High Accuracy Fiducial Marker with Strong Occlusion Resilience
May 2012 - cvlab meeting
Programmare applicazioni per iPhone
Apr. 2010 (Italian only)

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