Filippo Bergamasco
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics (DAIS)
Universtà Ca' Foscari of Venice
Via Torino, 155
Venezia Mestre 30172 - ITALY
Phone: +39 041 234 8418
Mail: filippo.bergamasco AT

Research-related Software

  • WASS is a 3D stereo reconstruction pipeline for sea waves
  • WASSfast is the next-generation stereo processing pipeline for sea waves 3D reconstruction

  • RUNETag is a fiducial marker system which heavily relies on the robust framework of cyclic codes to offer superior occlusion resilience, accurate detection and robustness against various types of noise


Here are some random projects that I'm carrying on for hobby/fun :)

  • PiGFX is a bare metal kernel for the Raspberry Pi that implements a basic ANSI terminal emulator with the additional support of some primitive graphics functions

  • MTCircularBuffer is a header-only C++ Library built on top of boost::thread to provide a single-producer, multiple-consumer circular buffer

  • incfg is a small C++ library to easily manage program configuration options

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