PNGT 2006
Workshop on Petri Nets and Graph Transformations

PNGT 2006

Natal, Brasil
September 21-22, 2006

Scope and Objectived of the Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to investigate the mutual relationship between Petri nets and graph transformation systems, two prominent specification formalsism of concurrency and distribution. It belongs to the folklore that Petri nets can be seen as rewriting systems over (multi)sets, the rewriting rules being the transitions, and, as such they can be seen as special graph transformation systems, over labelled discrete graphs. Due to this close correspondence the two fields naturally have a mutual influence, which leads to a fruitful cross-fertilization. Several approaches to the concurrent semantics of graph transformation systems as well as techniques for their analisys and verification are strongly influenced by the corresponding theories and constructions for Petri nets. Classical Petri nets models have been integrated with graph transformation systems, e.g., in order to define rule-based changes in the Petri net structure. This serves both for a stepwise refinement of Petri net models or for the specification of dynamically reconfiguring nets. Graph transformation systems are also used for the development, the simulation, or animation of various types of Petri nets, e.g., via the the definition of visual languages and environments.


Contributions are on invitation basis. They should introduce new concepts and results, or discuss new perspectives regarding the mutual influence between the areas of graph transformations and Petri nets. The topics include but are not restricted to:
  • Graph transformations for the simulation and animation of Petri nets
  • Petri net analysis for graph transformation systems
  • Petri nets for the control of graph transformation systems
  • Petri net transformations and components
  • Common semantics
  • Comparison of practical use
  • Exchange formats for tools.


Paolo Baldan (Venice, Italy)
Hartmut Ehrig (Berlin, Germany)
Julia Padberg (Berlin, Germany)
Grzegorz Rozenberg (Leiden, The Netherlands)


The workshop will be on Sept 21 (afternoon) and Sept 22. The detailed program can be found here.