Workshop on Algorithm Engineering

Venice, Italy, September 11-13, 1997

Information for preparing the final version

The following instructions are designed for the preparation of a camera-ready manuscript for an article to be included in the booklet of the Workshop on Algorithm Engineering.

To obtain a uniform typesetting style, contributing authors are required to follow closely the instructions given here. To avoid replications in formatting, you must use the style file wae.sty, which contains adaptations of the standard LaTeX article.sty file. There is also a sample file sample-wae.tex that shows how to use the wae.sty style file. The sample file includes a postscript file ghost-perim.eps as a figure. You should prepare your manuscript following the sample-wae.tex file. In particular, text size, letter size, margins, line spacing are to be kept as in the sample file and your manuscript must not exceed ten pages. You can download all the files needed to prepare the final manuscript by simply downloading a single gzipped file.

Final versions (LaTeX and postscript files for the figures) must be sent via electronic mail to by August 15, 1997. To send via e-mail the final version of the paper, you are kindly requested to follow the enclosed instructions.

IMPORTANT: Final versions that arrive late or that deviate from these guidelines cannot be guaranteed to be included in the workshop booklet.

Submitting the final manuscript via e-mail

  1. Store all the files concerning the final version of the paper in a directory whose name depends on the name of the first author of the paper. For example, if the first author is John Smith, the name of the directory must be smith_john and this directory must contain the LaTeX and postscript files for the figures.
  2. Move to the parent directory of smith_john
  3. Use the following following sequence of Unix commands (where $ is your prompt):
    $ tar cvf smith_john.tar ./smith_john
    $ compress smith_john.tar
    $ uuencode smith_john.tar.Z smith_john.tar.Z > email_paper
  4. Finally, simply send by electronic mail the file email_paper, by specifying "John Smith paper for WAE97" in the subject field. For example, you can do this with the following Unix command:
    $ elm -s 'John Smith paper for WAE97' < email_paper

Downloading the tar gzipped file

You can download the tar gzipped file wae-instructions.tar.gz containing the files wae.sty, sample-wae.tex, ghost-perim.eps and this file (index.html).

Once you download the file wae-instructions.tar.gz, to retrieve these files you must issue the following sequence of Unix commands (where $ is your prompt):

$ gunzip wae-instructions.tar.gz

$ tar xvf  wae-instructions.tar

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