Workshop on Algorithm Engineering

Venice, Italy, September 11-13, 1997

Culture and Tourism

Venice is among the most beautiful cities in the world, and any verbal description of it will probably not do any justice. If you wish to get a feeling before your visit, you can choose one of the numerous WEB sites on Venice:

Welcome to Venice , where you can find Itineraries to visit Venice, Museums, Monuments and Churches in Venice, Principal events and a little --> glossary <--of Venetian words (very interesting).

VeNETia, where you can find some curiosities, historical notions and some information about: how to reach Venice (important) how to move in Venice (important) useful telephone numbers High tides in Venice

Venice Italy Index

Venice on City Net

Venice incoming (check this out!)

The Baby Boomer's

The Premier Venice's Source

You can also get more information about the Veneto region.

There are lots of exciting events going on in Venice around the time of WAE 97. The main events are:

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