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Important Dates


The Journal of Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (TPLP) announces a special issue on Logic Programming and the Web.

Recent years have seen a tremendous interest for Web technologies that can employ some form of logical reasoning: in particular, fields like the Semantic Web have shown that it is of primary importance to find an appropriate interaction between the Web infrastructure, and solutions coming from the logic programming area. Therefore, this special issue aims to produce a reference selection of high-quality papers, that try to cover this gap, showing all the potential of cross-breeding these two worlds.

In particular, we solicit papers that cover the interaction between

Logic Programming Logic programming in all its forms
including for example Constraints, inductive logic programming, nonmonotonic reasoning, data mining, databases, specification and verification of systems


The Web Web Technologies
including for example the Semantic Web, Web Rules, Query Languages, Semantic Web Services, Web Search and Web mining, Ontologies for the Web, next-generation e-commerce, e-Government, Web Trust, Web Privacy, smart portals, Web Security.



All submissions should be written in English, and not already been published in another journal. Authors are encouraged to follow the LaTeX formatting instructions developed by Cambridge University Press for TPLP (downloadable from ). In any case, the final format of the paper should be PDF (preferred) or Postscript.


The preferred form of submission is via e-mail: please send a PDF or Postscript copy of your paper by 2 May 2006, to the address .

Alternatively, please send a CD-ROM, or two floppy disks, with PDF or Postscript copies of your paper, to arrive by 2 May 2006 to:

Massimo Marchiori
Dept. of Computer Science
University Ca' Foscari of Venice
Via Torino 155, Mestre, Venice

For any further question regarding the submissions, please contact the Guest Editor at .

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