3rd International Workshop on Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition


Day #1, Monday, October 12

09:30 10.30 Invited talk: Finding Endogenously Formed Communities, Nina Balcan
10:30 10.45 Coffee break
10.45 11.15 Large scale Indefinite Kernel Fisher Discriminant Frank-Michael Schleif, Andrej Gisbrecht and Peter Tino
11.15 11.45 A Novel Data Representation based on a Second-Order Dissimilarity Measure Helena Aidos and Ana Fred
11.45 12.00 Deep metric learning using Triplet network Elad Hoffer and Nir Ailon
12:00 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 14.00 An Adaptive Radial Basis Function Kernel for Support Vector Data Description Andre E. Lazzaretti and David M. J. Tax
14.00 14.15 Discovery of salient low-dimensional dynamical structure using Hopfield networks Felix Effenberger and Christopher Hillar
14.15 14.30 Similarity Analysis from Limiting Quantum Walks Francisco Escolano, Edwin Hancock, Manuel Curado, Marcello Pelillo and Farshad Nourbakhsh
14:30 14.45 Coffee break
14.45 15.15 Similarity-based User Identification across Social Networks Katerina Zamani, George Paliouras and Dimitrios Vogiatzis
15.15 15.30 Approximate spectral clustering with utilized similarity information using geodesic based hybrid distance measures Kadim Tasdemir, Berna Yalcin and Isa Yildirim
15.30 15.45 Dissimilarity representations for low-resolution face recognition Mairelys Hernàndez-Duràn, Veronika Cheplygina and Yenisel Plasencia
15.45 16.00 A Matrix Factorization Approach to Graph Compression Farshad Nourbakhsh, Samuel Rota Bulò and Marcello Pelillo
16.00 XXXX Posters & drinks

Day #2, Tuesday, October 13

09:30 10.30 Invited talk: Structure metric learning learning for prototype-based models, Barbara Hammer
10:30 10.45 Coffee break
10.45 11.15 Characterizing Multiple Instance Datasets Veronika Cheplygina and David Tax
11.15 11.45 Similarities, SDEs, and Most Probable Paths Anne Marie Svane and Stefan Sommer
11.45 12.00 Supervised learning of diffusion distance to improve histogram matching Tewodros Dagnew and Umberto Castellani
12:00 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 13.45 A Geometrical Approach to Find Corresponding Patches in 3D Medical Surfaces Neda Sepasian, Kundan Kumar and Marcel Breeuwer
13.45 14.00 Geodesic Exponential Kernels Aasa Feragen, Francois Lauze and Søren Hauberg
14.00 14.15 Transitive Assignment Kernels for Structural Classification Michele Schiavinato, Andrea Gasparetto and Andrea Torsello
14.15 14.30 Cluster Merging Based on Dominant Sets Jian Hou, Chunshi Sha, Hongxia Cui and Lei Chi
14:30 14.45 Coffee break
14.45 15.00 Unsupervised Motion Segmentation Using Metric Embedding of Features Yusuf Osmanlioglu, Sven Dickinson and Ali Shokoufandeh
15.00 15.15 Robust initialization for learning Latent Dirichlet Allocation Pietro Lovato, Manuele Bicego, Vittorio Murino and Alessandro Perina
15.15 15.30 Introducing Negative Evidence in Ensemble Clustering David G. Marquez, Ana Fred, Abraham Otero, Constantino A. Garcia and Paulo Felix
15.30 15.45 Can the optimum similarity matrix be selected before clustering for graph-based approaches? Kadim Tasdemir and Berna Yalcin
15.45 XXXX Posters & drinks
19.00 XXXX Workshop dinner

Day #3, Wednesday, October 14

09:30 10.30 Invited talk: Non-parametric Bayesian Modeling of Relational Data, Morten Mørup
10:30 10.45 Coffee break
10.45 11.15 Distance-Based Network Recovery under Feature Correlation David Adametz and Volker Roth
11.15 11.45 Dominant-Set Clustering Using Multiple Affinity Matrices Eyasu Zemene, Samuel Rota Bulò and Marcello Pelillo
12.00 XXXX Lunch & Social Event