Short bio

I'm a post-doc at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics (DAIS) at the university of Ca' Foscari (Venice) where I got a bachelor degree in computer science and a master degree in computer science for the humanities. In 2014 I received a PhD in computer science under the supervision of professor Marcello Pelillo. My research interests lie at the intersection of philosophy and pattern recognition/machine learning. Currently I’m dealing with the socio-ethical issues of data science and its disparate application on human decision-making. Other research topics include the foundation of pattern recognition from the standpoint of the philosophy of science and the theory of knowledge, and the computational models of categorization in cognitive psychology. For more details on my experience and qualifications see my curriculum vitae

Research interests

  • Social and ethical aspects of data science
  • Disciplinary status of pattern recognition and machine learning
  • Induction and Spontaneous Categorisation
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Conferences and Publications

T. Scantamburlo, "Machine learning in decisional process. A philosophical perspective", ACM Digital Library, special issue of the ACM SIGCAS newsletter (submitted)

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T. Scantamburlo, "Il problema della categorizzazione: machine learning vs. psicologia cognitiva", convegno Associazione Italiana Scienze Cognitive, 3-5 December 2012, Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione del CNR, Roma