SAS99: List of Accepted Papers

A New Class of Functions for Abstract Interpretation
                     by Jörg Köller, Markus Mohnen

Translating Out of Static Single Assignment Form
                     by Vugranam C. Sreedhar, Roy Dz-ching Ju, David M. Gillies, Vatsa Santhanam

State Space Reduction based on Live Variables Analysis
                     by Marius Bozga, Jean-Claude Fernandez

Binding-Time Analysis for Both Static and Dynamic Expressions
                     by Kenichi Asai

Abstract Interpretation of Mobile Ambients
                     by Rene Rydhof Hansen, Jacob Grydholt Jensen, Flemming Nielson, Hanne Riis Nielson

Equational Semantics
                     by Loic Correnson, Etienne Duris, Didier Parigot, Gilles Roussel

Partial Dead Code Elimination using Extended Value Graph
                     by Munehiro Takimoto, Kenichi Harada

Abstracting Cryptographic Protocols with Tree Automata
                     by David Monniaux

Freeness Analysis Through Linear Refinement
                     by Patricia Hill, Fausto Spoto

Decomposing Non-Redundant Sharing by Complementation
                     by Enea Zaffanella, Patricia M. Hill, Roberto Bagnara

Binary Decision Graphs
                     by Laurent Mauborgne

Eliminating Unnecessary Synchronization from Java Programs
                     by Jonathan Aldrich, Craig Chambers, Emin Gun Sirer, Susan Eggers

Dynamic partitionning in numerical analysis
                     by Bertrand Jeannet, Nicolas Halbwachs, Pascal Raymond

Timed polyhedra analysis for synchronous languages
                     by Frédéric Besson, Thomas Jensen, Jean-Pierre Talpin

Abstract animator for temporal specifcations: Application to TLA
                     by Dominique Cansell,Dominique Mery

A Formal Study of Slicing for Multi-threaded Programs with JVM Concurrency Primitives
                     by John Hatcliff, James Corbett, Matthew Dwyer, Stefan Sokolowski, Hongjun Zheng

Detecting Equalities of Variables: Combining Efficiency with Precision
                     by Oliver Ruething, Jens Knoop, Bernhard Steffen

Eliminating Dead Code on Recursive Data
                     by Yanhong A. Liu, Scott D. Stoller