REWERSE Joint I3/I4 Meeting

San Servolo, Venice, 20-22 June 2005

The island of San Servolo


The preliminary program sheet is available for download/print.

For the I4 related talks, some relevant articles (reading material for the meeting) will also be posted on the REWERSE internal site.


The list of participants is available.


See the list of participants for instructions on how to get a room booked for you in the island. Otherwise, you can handle the booking on your own, even on the main island (there are plenty of online hotel booking sites available, e.g. Note that staying on the main island implies you will have to take the boat back and forth each day to get to the San Servolo island.



We will be meeting in Rooms 2 and 3.

When you arrive in the island, you can immediately get the key at the reception (which is just where you arrive, check on the maps of the island). There will be always somebody, so in principle there are no problems. In any case I gave the reception the timetable of those of you who'll arrive late.

Facilities and Food

Meeting rooms are air-conditioned and with (wired) internet. I'm trying to get wireless too so in any case bring your wireless card. [update: wireless access will be provided in both rooms]

There will be no meeting fee: more, I3 and I4 will pay for all the meeting rooms, breakfast to all the participants for the 20-22, and all lunches for the 20-21. Pre-paid coupons will be distributed. If you want to get your coupon for the morning of the 20th (so, before the start of the meeting) please contact Tim Furche, who'll be on the island from the 18th (he'll collect all the copons when arriving).

We will have dinners out in the main island: on the 20th we'll go to the best Venice pizzeria (about 10-15 euro each), and on the 21st we'll go to one of the best restaurants in Venice (special price of 58 euro each). If you have dietary requirements (vegetarian etc) please warn me as soon as you can. Note that, as per mailing list announcement, I assume everybody who didn't say an explicit "no" will come to the dinners (we need precise figures in advance of course). [as per Jun 17, nobody said "no", so everybody is coming]


The main airport is the Venice Marco Polo Airport, well served by every major airline.From there, see the How to reach the island instructions.

There are also low-fares airlines like Ryanair and Basiqair (a.k.a. Transavia) that fly to the nearby airport of Treviso: from there, there is an airport bus that in about one hour (fare is 4.50 euro one way, 8 euro for a return ticket) will bring you to Venice (bus schedule is here, but in any case bus departures are synchronized with airplane arrivals, so you need to check the schedule only to plan your return trip).

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