LOPSTR'99: List of Accepted Papers

Specialising Finite Domain Programs Using Polyhedra
    by Jacob M. Howe, Andy King
Context-Moving Transformations for Function Verification
    by Jürgen Giesl
Mode Analysis Domains for Typed Logic Programs
    by Jan-Georg Smaus, Pat Hill, Andy King
On Dynamic Aspects of OOD Frameworks in Component-based Software Development in Computational Logic
    by Juliana Küster Filipe, Kung-Kiu Lau, Mario Ornaghi, Hirokazu Yatsu
Verification by testing for recursive program schemes
    by Daniel Le Métayer, V.-A. Nicolas, O. Ridoux
A Compiler for Constraint Handling Rules based on Partial Evaluation
    by Christian Holzbaur, Thom Frühwirth
The Replacement Operation for CCP Programs - Extended Abstract -
    by Marco Bertolino, Sandro Etalle, Catuscia Palamidessi
Proofs by Program Transformations
    by A. Roychoudhury, K. Narayan Kumar, C. R. Ramakrishnan, I. V. Ramakrishnan
A Framework for Assertion-based Debugging in Constraint Logic Programming
    by Germán Puebla, Francisco Bueno, Manuel Hermenegildo
Imperative Program Specialisation: An approach using CLP
    by Julio C. Peralta, John P. Gallagher
A Unified View of Programming Schemas and Proof Methods
    by Pierre Flener, Julian Richardson
Binding-Time Analysis for Mercury
    by Wim Vanhoof, Maurice Bruynooghe
A Concurrent Extension of Functional Logic Programming Languages
    by Rachid Echahed, Wendelin Serwe
Transformation Rules for Logic Programs with Goals as Arguments
    by Alberto Pettorossi, Maurizio Proietti
Projections of programs revisited
    by Ralf Lämmel, Günter Riedewald, Wolfgang Lohmann
Infinite State Model Checking by Abstract Interpretation and Program Specialisation (Extended Abstract)
    by Michael Leuschel, Thierry Massart
Annotations for Prolog - A Concept and Runtime Handling
    by Marija Kulas
Transformation of Left Terminating Programs
    by Annalisa Bossi, Nicoletta Cocco, Sandro Etalle
Termination analysis for abductive general logic programs
    by Sofie Verbaeten
Making Mercury Programs tail recursive - Extended abstract
    by Peter Ross, David Overton, Zoltan Somogyi