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Working Group of IFIP TC1 on

Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design

Prepared by Roberto Gorrieri
November, 1998


Security is a fast growing area of Computer Science, with increasing relevance to real life applications such as internet transactions and electronic commerce. Theoretical foundations for the analysis (or the design) of security aspects of these applications are badly needed in order to validate and prove (or guarantee) their correctness.



The main research topics relevant for the Working Group include: Hence, the scope of the Working Group encompasses all aspects of the fundamental mathematical theory of system specification and verification, which shares with TC1 the basic fields of logic (first-order logic, temporal logic, epistemic logic), semantics (static analysis, type theory), formal methods and related approaches (model-checking, theorem-proving, process algebra) and complexity. With TC2 the WG has a scope intersection with formal models of software concepts and also shares some basic techniques; nonetheless, the focus in this WG is not on advances in the software development process, rather on developing a theory of security, nowadays simply absent.

With TC11 (the IFIP Technical Committee on Security and Protection in Information Processing Systems) the Working Group shares the application domain, even if there the focus is mainly on applications and professional aspects of managing secure information systems. Potential collaboration with TC2 and TC11 to reach some of the aims listed above will be discussed.


The following is the list of initial members:

Abadi, Martin (USA)
Bolignano, Dominique (France)
Boyd, Colin (Australia)
Degano, Pierpaolo (Italy)
Focardi, Riccardo (Italy)
Foley, Simon (Ireland)
Gollman, Dieter (UK)
Gong, Li (USA)
Gorrieri, Roberto (Italy)
Guttman, Joshua (USA)
Jonsson, Bengt (Sweden)
Leduc, Guy (Belgium)
Lowe, Gavin (UK)
Maurer, Ueli (CH)
Meadows, Catherine (USA)
Millen, Jonathan (USA)
Mitchell, John (USA)
Moses, Yoram (Israel)
Syverson, Paul (USA)
Yahalom, Raphael (USA/Israel)
Yung, Moti (USA)

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