The Journal of Logic Programming

                                        Editor-in-Chief: M. Bruynooghe 
                                        Founding Editor: J.A. Robinson 

              Special Issue on Synthesis, Transformation
                    and Analysis of Logic Programs

             Guest Editors: Annalisa Bossi & Yves Deville

                           Call For Papers

The  Journal of   Logic Programming is  planning   a special issue  on
Synthesis, Transformation and  Analysis of Logic Programs, tentatively
to  appear in end 1998.    High-quality  original research papers  are
invited on all aspects  of  synthesis, transformation and analysis  of
logic  programs, including constraint  ones.   Topics include, but are
not limited to:

   o  constructive, deductive and inductive synthesis,

   o  program transformation, specialization and partial evaluation,

   o  program correctness, termination, proof methods and verification,

   o  programming methodologies and environments, development of 
        automatic or semi-automatic tools, 

   o  applications of synthesis/transformation/analysis techniques.

Revised and enhanced versions of  papers published in conferences that
have not appeared  in  archival journals are eligible  for submission.
In particular, papers describing  important past research in this area
which  have  not  been  published  in   archival  journal  papers  are
solicited.  Surveys and comparison of state  of the art techniques are
also solicited.

Please  either send six copies  of your  paper,  or email a Postscript
file by 10th February, 1997, to

   Yves Deville
   Department of Computing Science and Engineering
   Universite Catholique de Louvain
   Place Ste Barbe, 2
   B-1348 Louvain-la-neuve

JLP  Latex  style    files   are available  by    anonymous  ftp  from (pub/tex/latex/jlp).   Authors are encouraged to
use  them to speed  up the  production  process.  Postcript files over
email are also encouraged.  Authors are requested to email a title and
a four   or    five  line  abstract   as    early  as    possible   to to facilitate organization.

                            NORTH HOLLAND