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CoMeta: COmparing METAbolic pathways

Comparing metabolic pathways of different species yields interesting information on their evolution and it may help in understanding metabolic functions. This is important for metabolic engineering and for studying diseases and drugs design.
CoMeta, (COmparing METAbolic pathways) is a tool for comparing metabolic pathways relying on their Petri net representation. For a specified set of organisms and set of metabolic pathways, COMETA computes a distance between each pair of organisms based on the chosen pathways. The distance may consider both homology of reactions and functional behaviour of the pathways, namely their potential fluxes represented by T-invariants.

We offer two main versions of COMETA, which differ on the adopted tool for computing the T-invariants: The version using INA, however, is currently not up to date.

CoMeta is a tool developed in Java. It requires Java 6.
CoMeta with INA runs under Windows and Linux.
Cometa with 4ti2 runs under Mac and Linux.

CoMeta is freely available here.

For any problem or comment please refer to
biolab AT dsi.unive.it