Alberto Carraro - home page

General information

Alberto Carraro, MsC. Phd. Eng.
DAIS, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
Room 2, via Torino 155
30172 Venezia, Italia


acarraro at dsi dot unive dot it
phone: (+39)(0)41 2348421

Research interests

  • Formalisms like Lambda Calculus and related systems, both from the semantical and the syntactical point of view. Especially I'm interested in the relations between classes of models and the equational theories induced by them, like completeness/incompleteness results and (non-) recursivity results.
  • Relation between partially ordered models and lambda theories.
  • Representation of partially ordered models (e.g., with Information Systems).
  • Lambda Calculi from the point of view of Universal Algebra: equational calculi of classes of algebras which can be considered as a first-order counterpart of higher-order Lambda-Abstraction formalisms.
  • Resource Lambda Calculus and Taylor-Ehrhard-Regnier expansion.
  • Functional calculi for classical logics.
  • True-concurrent semantics of concurrent formalisms: unfolding of Petri-nets, event structures for behavioural logics. Applications of true-concurrent semantics to detection of undesired information flows.