EuroPVM/MPI 2003


ParSim 03


Conference Program

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Monday, September 29th, 2003

14.00 14.30 Registration
14.30 16.30 Tutorial A (Part 1)
(Room A)

High-Level Programming in MPI
William Gropp, Ewing Lusk

Tutorial B (Part 1)
(Room B)

Programming Environments for Grids and Distributed Computing Systems
Vaidy Sunderam

16.30 16.45 Coffee break
16.45 18.45 Tutorial A (Part 2)
(Room A)

High-Level Programming in MPI
William Gropp, Ewing Lusk

Tutorial B (Part 2)
(Room B)

Programming Environments for Grids and Distributed Computing Systems
Vaidy Sunderam

Tuesday, September 30th, 2003

9.10 9.30 Registration
9.30 9.50 Opening Session
(Room A)
9.50 10.40 Invited talk
(Room A - Chair: Jack Dongarra)

Messaging Systems: Parallel Computing the Internet and the Grid
Geoffrey Fox

10.40 11.00 Coffee break
11.00 11.50 Invited talk
(Room A - Chair: Jack Dongarra)

Progress towards Petascale Virtual Machines
Al Geist

11.50 13.10 Session 1A
Extensions, Improvements and Implementations of PVM/MPI

(Room A - Chair: Vaidy Sunderam)

Improving Generic Non-Contiguous File Access for MPI-IO
J. Worringen, J. Larson Träff, H. Ritzdorf

A Component Architecture for LAM/MPI
J. M. Squyres, A. Lumsdaine

Improving the Performance of Collective Operations in MPICH
R. Thakur, W. Gropp

MPI on BlueGene/L: Designing an Efficient General Purpose Messaging Solution for a Large Cellular System
G. Almási, C. Archer, J. G. Castaños, M. Gupta, X. Martorell, J. E. Moreira, W. Gropp, et al.

Session 1B
Parallel algorithms using message passing

(Room B - Chair: Yves Robert)

CGMgraph/CGMlib: Implementing and Testing CGM Graph Algorithms on PC Clusters
A. Chan, F. Dehne

An Online Parallel Algorithm for Remote Visualization of Isosurfaces
A. Clematis, D. D'Agostino, V. Gianuzzi

Non-strict Evaluation of the FFT Algorithm in Distributed Memory Systems
A. Cristóbal-Salas, A. Tchernykh, J.-L. Gaudiot

Object-Oriented NeuroSys: Parallel Programs for Simulating Large Networks of Biologically Accurate Neurons
P. Pacheco, P. Miller, J. Kim, T. Leese, Y. Zabiyaka

13.10 14.30 Lunch
14.30 16.10 Session 2A
Evaluation and Performance Analysis

(Room A - Chair: Bernard Tourancheau)

Evaluating the performance of MPI-2 dynamic communicators and one-sided communication
E. Gabriel, G. E. Fagg, J. Dongarra

Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Java Message-Passing Primitives on a Cluster
G. L. Taboada, J. Touriño, R. Doallo

Off-line Performance Prediction of Message-Passing Applications on Cluster Systems
E. Mancini, M. Rak, R. Torella, U. Villano

Integrating New Capabilities into NetPIPE
D. Turner, A. Oline, X. Chen, T. Benjegerdes

A Model for Performance Analysis of MPI applications on Terascale Systems
S. Chakravarthi, A. Skjellum, C. R. Krishna Kumar, B. Seshadri, Prahalad H. A.

Session 2B
Parallel algorithms using message passing

(Room B - Chair: Dieter Kranzlmüller)

A Parallel Approach for the Solution of non Markovian Petri Nets
M. Scarpa, S. Distefano, A. Puliafito

Parallel Algorithms for Computing the Smith Normal Form of Large Matrices
G. Jäger

PageRank Computation using PC Cluster
A. Rungsawang, B. Manaskasemsak

A Scalable Crystallographic FFT
J. Seguel, D. Burbano

Efficient Parallel Implementation of Transitive Closure of Digraphs
C. E. R. Alves, E. N. Cáceres, A. A. Castro Jr, S. W. Song, and J. L. Szwarcfiter

16.10 16.25 Coffee break
16.25 17.45 Session 3A
Extensions, Improvements and Implementations of PVM/MPI

(Room A - Chair: Rolf Hempel)

Network Fault Tolerance in LA-MPI R. T. Aulwes, D. J. Daniel, N. N. Desai, R. L. Graham, et al.

PVMWebCluster: Integration of PVM Clusters using Web Services and CORBA
P. Czarnul

Implementing Fast and Reusable Datatype Processing R. Ross, N. Miller, W. Gropp

Fast and Scalable Barrier using RDMA and Multicast Mechanisms for InfiniBand-Based Clusters
S. P. Kini, J. Liu, J. Wu, P. Wyckoff, D. K. Panda

Session 3B
Monitoring and Programming Tools

(Room B - Chair: Peter Kacsuk)

TOM - Efficient Monitoring Infrastructure for Multithreaded Programs
B. Balis, M. Bubak, W. Funika, R. Wismüller, G. Kaplita

Distributed Configurable Application Monitoring on SMP Clusters
K. Fürlinger, M. Gerndt

Architecture of Monitoring System for Distributed Java Applications
M. Bubak, W. Funika, M. Smetek, Z. Kilianski, R. Wismüller

A Communication API for Implementing Irregular Algorithms on SMP Clusters
J. Hippold, G. Rünger

17.45 19.15 Poster Session:


Special Session:

ParSim 03

19.15 21.15 Welcome Reception

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003

9.20 10.10 Invited talk
(Room A - Chair: Salvatore Orlando)

Future Developments in MPI
William Gropp

10.10 11.00 Invited talk
(Room A - Chair: Salvatore Orlando)

ASSIST High-performance Programming Environment: Application Experiences and Grid Evolution
Marco Vanneschi

11.00 11.20 Coffee break
11.20 13.00 Session 4A
Grid and Heterogeneous Computing

(Room A - Chair: Craig Lee)

Component-Based System for Grid Application Workflow Composition
M. Bubak, K. Górka, T. Gubala, M. Malawski, K. Zajac

Mapping and load-balancing iterative computations on heterogeneous clusters
A. Legrand, H. Renard, Y. Robert, F. Vivien

Executing and Monitoring PVM Programs in Computational Grids with Jini
G. Sipos, P. Kacsuk

Monitoring Message Passing Applications in the Grid with GRM and R-GMA
N. Podhorszki, P. Kacsuk

Resource Monitoring and Management in Metacomputing Environments
T. Wrzosek, D. Kurzyniec, D. Drzewiecki, V. Sunderam

Session 4B
Extensions, Improvements and Implementations of PVM/MPI

(Room B - Chair: Jesper Larson Träff)

Using a self-connected Gigabit Ethernet adapter as a memcpy() low-overhead engine for MPI
G. Ciaccio

The network agnostic MPI - Scali MPI Connect
L. P. Huse, O. W. Saastad

Efficient Message-Passing within SMP Systems
X. Chen, D. Turner

PC/MPI: Design and Implementation of a Portable MPI Checkpointer
S. Ahn, S. Han

Evaluation of an Eager Protocol Optimization for MPI
R. Brightwell, K. Underwood

13.00 14.30 Lunch
14.30 15.30 Vendor Session
(Room A - Chair: Salvatore Orlando)

Title of the talk to be annunced
Terry Leeper

The Distributed Debugging Tool
Michael Rudgyard
Streamline Computing Ltd

WMPI II - High Performance Message Passing Middleware
Anders Lyhne Christensen
Critical Software SA

15.30 23.00 Excursion & Social Dinner

Thursday, October 2nd, 2003

9.20 10.10 Invited talk
(Room A - Chair: Domenico Laforenza)

Integrating Scalable Process Management into Component-Based Systems Software
Ewing Lusk

10.10 11.00 Invited talk
(Room A - Chair: Domenico Laforenza)

Programming High Performance Applications using Components
Thierry Priol

11.00 11.20 Coffee break
11.20 13.00 Session 5A
Extensions, Improvements and Implementations of PVM/MPI

(Room A - Chair: Umberto Villano)

ORNL-RSH package and Windows '03 PVM 3.4
P. Pfeiffer, S. L. Scott, H. Shukla

MPI for the Clint Gb/s interconnect
N. Fugier, M. Herbert, E. Lemoine, B. Tourancheau

Remote exception handling for PVM processes
P. Kaczmarek, H. Krawczyk

A Comparison of MPICH Allgather Algorithms on Switched Networks
G. D. Benson, C.-W. Chu, Q. Huang, S. G. Caglar

Porting P4 to Digital Signal Processing Platforms
J. A. Rico, J. C. Díaz Martín, J. M. Rodríguez García, J. M. Álvarez Llorente, J. L. García Zapata

Session 5B
Applications in Science and Engineering

(Room B - Chair: Casiano Rodriguez-Leon)

Hierarchical MPI+OpenMP implementation of parallel PIC applications on clusters of Symmetric MultiProcessors
S. Briguglio, B. Di Martino, G. Fogaccia, G. Vlad

A Parallel Split Operator Method for the Time Dependent Schrödinger equation
Jan P. Hansen, T. Matthey, T. Sørevik

Parallel Pencil-Beam Redefinition Algorithm
P. Alderson, M. Wright, A. Jain, R. Boyd

Flow Pattern and Heat Transfer Rate in Three-Dimensional Rayleigh-Benard Convection
T. Watanabe

A Parallel Software for the Reconstruction of Dynamic MRI Sequences
G. Landi, E. Loli Piccolomini, F. Zama

13.00 14.30 Lunch
14.30 16.10 Session 6A
Grid and Heterogeneous Computing

(Room A - Chair: Yannis Cotronis)

Evaluating and Enhancing the Use of the GridFTP Protocol for Efficient Data Transfer on the Grid
M. Cannataro, C. Mastroianni, D. Talia, P. Trunfio

Multiprogramming Level of PVM jobs in a non-dedicated Linux NOW
F. Giné, F. Solsona, P. Hernández, M. Hanzich, E. Luque

Generating an Efficient Dynamics Multicast Tree under Grid Environment
T. Vorakosit, P. Uthayopas

Dynamic Topology Selection for High Performance MPI in the Grid environments
K.-L. Park, H.-J. Lee, K.-W. Koh, O.-Y. Kwon, S.-Y. Park, H.-W. Park, S.-D. Kim

Topology-Aware Communication in Wide-Area Message-Passing
C. A. Lee

Session 6B
Evaluation, Improvements, Performance Analysis

(Room B - Chair: Joao Gabriel Silva)

Ring algorithms on heterogeneous clusters with PVM: performance analysis and modeling
A. Corana

Complexity Driven Performance Analysis
García L., González J.A., González J.C., León C., Rodríguez C., Rodríguez G.

Usefulness and Usage of SKaMPI-Bench
W. Augustin, T. Worsch

The Performance of Parallel Disk Write Methods for Linux Multiprocessor Nodes
G. D. Benson, K. Long, P. S. Pacheco

Lock-free collective operations
A. Supalov

16.10 16.25 Coffee Break
16.25 17.45 Session 7A
Programming tools

(Room A - Chair: Giuseppe Ciaccio)

MPI Farm programs on non-dedicated clusters
N. Fonseca, J. G. Silva

An MPI Implementation Supported by Process Migration, Group Process Creation and Load Balancing
A. Maloney, A. M. Goscinski, M. Hobbs

Integrating Multiple Implementations and Structure Exploitation in the Component-based Design of Parallel ODE Solvers
J. M. Mantas Ruiz, J. Ortega Lopera, J. Antonio Carrillo

Application Composition in Ensemble using Intercommunicators and Process Topologies
Y. Cotronis

Session 7B
Algorithms and Applications in Science and Engineering

(Room B - Chair: Paolo Palmerini)

Advanced Hybrid MPI/OpenMP Parallelization Paradigms for Nested Loop Algorithms onto Clusters of SMPs
N. Drosinos, N. Koziris

The AGEB Algorithm for Solving the Heat Equation in Two Space Dimensions and Its parallelization on A Distributed Parallel Machine
N. Alias, S. S. Mohamed, A. R. Abdullah

Improving Wildland Fire Prediction on MPI Clusters
B. Abdalhaq, G. Bianchini, A. Cortés, T. Margalef, E. Luque

Building 3D State Spaces of Virtual Environments with a TDS-based Algorithm
A. Krenek, I. Peterlík, L. Matyska

17.45 18.00 Closing Session
(Room A)

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