How-To: Validate a protocol source

  1. run PEAR
  2. choose a validation rule system
  3. select the protocol source to be validated: you may create a new source or open an existing one; to open an existing source:
    • press the open button or select the Open item from the File menu, a file chooser dialog will be displayed
    • browse to the protocol source you wish to validate and select it by double clicking it or pressing the Open button
    note: if you select a protocol encoding containing tags which are not defined in the current validation rule system, then you will get a semantic error; for further information see the tag definition section.
  4. if the protocol source is untagged, you might want to infer the possible taggings permitted by the current validation rule system
    • once you have inferred the protocol taggings you will have to choose the source to be validated through the related control
    note: any tagging you obtained from the tag inference process is valid according the current validation rule system.
  5. if you wish to set the logger verbosity:
  6. press the validate button or select the Validate item from the File menu
note: if you wish to validate the protocol in step-by-step mode, just press the next step button, instead of the validate one.