How-To: Edit a protocol source

  1. run PEAR
  2. if the protocol source is (going to be) tagged, you sholud select the validation rule system defining the appropriate tag set
  3. press the open button, a file chooser dialog will be displayed:
    • browse to the path of the protocol source
    • if you wish to create a new source, type the name of the file to be created, otherwise select the file to be opened
    • press the open button of the dialog
    note: the file will not be created until you save it.
  4. if the file has not just been created, switch to the source editing mode by pressing the related button
  5. type the source code in the text area
  6. if you wish to check your code's syntax, press the select first error button
  7. a syntax-check may produce warnings: the warning window
    note: the window title displays the number of warning generated by the parser.
  8. when you finished to edit the protocol source, switch to the source displaying mode by pressing the previous button:
    • a syntax-check is performed
    • if any error is found, the error window is displayed letting you locate the error
  9. once you edit a protocol source the save button is enabled, press it to save the source to disk

note: if you try to close a modified source you will be warned.